Use any download manager to RapidShare!!!

Enjoy RapidShare with FlashGet.
First go here and paste your rapidshare link in the box.Click on "get premium link".

(New Link updated January 3 :

You will get a new screen with your premium link.Copy the link.

Open the flashget (or any other d/l manager), and paste the link.Your file will starting to download.


Welcome to my blog. My name is Akis Mparekas. I am a freelance web developer. I like to try and make stuff, either for work or hobby. I love good beer, bad movies, and anything retro.

4 Responses on “Use any download manager to RapidShare!!!

  1. Hello, i have type my i-hack username & password there, but i can't login. Is it by using forum's username & password, or something else?

  2. The site from the first post, has been moved to a new location and is under updating.And no, we have not any connection with these sites.

  3. When I click on the link I go to the following site instead it give me the following message.Sorry, no proxy allow access to this site. If you're using AOL browser then use other browser.What is causing this? Help me here.

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